March 14, 2017


Ever show up to a party and only know one person there? And that one person is in the restroom, outside taking a call, or simply running late and not there yet? That’s sort of what this feels like.


I’ve never written a blog post in my entire life. I can count on one hand, (with three fingers left over) how many bloggers I personally know. I suddenly regret not paying as much attention to grammar lessons in English class, I just now remembered everything my mother ever told me about early onset carpal tunnel, and the reality that no one, besides my sweet husband, may ever read this is becoming increasingly apparent.


I am most definitely in over my head. Nonetheless, this dream keeps me up at night. Most nights I struggle between actually getting up and scribbling down the ideas that come to mind at 4am, and not moving, convincing  myself I’ll remember it in the morning and trying to fall back asleep. Either way, I end up spending my days somewhere between sleep deprived and passionately enthusiastic over the thought of it all.


So here I am. I’ve put off very excuse that held me back before and I finally showed up to the party. SarinaRenee.com is a real thing in the world now as of this moment, and I want to smile and awkwardly introduce myself to everyone in the room.


I have no clue how this is all going to play out. But I’ve decided a long time ago that I’d rather live a life full of a bunch of “oh wells” than “what ifs.” So there you have it, my name is Sarina Renee, its a pleasure to meet you, my friends should all be here soon.


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