Everyday Hair Routine

July 6, 2017

Every day hair routine

My weekends are wild, Sundays especially are non-stop fun. My Hubby and I get to participate in our local church’s youth ministry and with these kids there’s never a dull moment. (and we love it that way) Thank goodness my Monday mornings are slow going and its a casual day in the office for me. I live by this simple routine to get my hair presentable to the world and out the door on time.

every day hair routine Step 1-   Dry shampoo.  Without this stuff, I am nothing. I can’t believe this stuff wasn’t around when I was growing up. I used to wash my hair EVERYDAY in Highschool. Oh if I only knew one day there would be a cure!   Just mist at your roots and rub in with your finger tips and your hair is instantly refreshed and ready to style. Batiste Cherry is my jam.   every day hair routine Step 2-    Heat protectant. I won’t use hot tools without it. I was recently traveling and forgot to pack mine so I ran into a drug store and got this Tresemmé Keratin Spray and I’m loving it. Any heat protectant is better than no heat protectant. It saves your hair from so much damage and breakage. Mist all over and brush through.  Step 3-    Curl. I grab 1-2 inch sections and wrap my hair around my tapered curling wand, curling away from my face.  every day hair routine everyday hair routine  Run fingers through curls to separate and finish with your favorite hair spray. Voilá. You’re ready to tackle your day.  Lets make it a good one.  XX,Sarina   everyday hair routine

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