Bikini Ready Routine with Mitchell Arce of Cultivating Fitness.

July 8, 2017

Bikini Body Guide with Personal Trainer Mitchelle Arce

Im in the gym today with my good friend and owner of Cultivating Fitness, Mitchell Arce.

Cultivating Fitness originated in 2014 in Chicago, Illinois and is now accepting new clients in the greater San Diego area.   I love working with Mitch because he totally customizes your fitness routine to your individual lifestyle and helps you achieve realistic goals in a healthy timeline. I really needed his help getting ready for an upcoming beach trip this summer so he put together this Bikini Ready Routine for me and all my readers. (YAY!)

This 7 step workout covers all the bases- targeting abs, booty, legs and arms. All you’ll need is some resistance bands and a small medicine ball. Fair warning: This workout made me sore in places I didn’t even know I had muscles.

Lets get started.

Bikini Body Routine

Cultivating Fitness Bikini Ready Routine

1. Full extension plank with knee drops.   Get into plank position, while squeezing your butt lower both knees to the floor and back up without resting. (15-20 reps) 

2. Med ball iso crunch  Sitting in sit up position, place medicine ball on the small of your back and place hands behind your head. While keeping your legs apart come up to a crunch. Squeeze and repeat. (15-20 reps) 

3. Med ball iso crunch + knee ups   Hold the med ball iso crunch position and lift alternating knees up to chest. (10-15 reps)

4. Lunge and chop Or as I like to call it- ” Lunch and Shop” Bc that obviously sounds way better.   Attach a resistance band to a door frame or any secure, high point and step back holding the band until you feel tension. Get into a low lunge position and while keeping arms locked, pull band across your body. Switch sides and repeat (10-15 reps)



5. Tricep Extension

   Keeping the band attached to your high point, extend both arms out in front of you parallel to the ground, alternate punching arms towards ground, bending at elbow (10-15 reps) 


Bikini Body Routine

Bikini Body Routine

6.  Banded squat 

   Wrap mini band around both legs just below the knee. While keeping tension on the band, lower into a squat. (10-15 reps)

7. Alternating Heel step outs 

  Wrap band around ankles and get in push up position.  While keeping one foot planted on the ground, side step out with the opposite foot and lead with your heel. Switch legs and repeat (10-15 reps) 

Bikini Body Routine

Repeat steps 1-7 again and you’re done!!! You’re bikini ready, if not dead.

Bikini Body Routine

For more Cultivating Fitness contact Mitch at

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