Boss Beach Reads

August 1, 2017

Boss Beach Reads

I am pretty sure a few years ago my summer reading list looked nothing like this. In fact, I am pretty sure a few years ago I was subscribed to every gossip magazine in publication and I exclusively read books like Confessions of a Shopaholic. (Seriously, don’t judge, I read the whole series.) Also- No judgment if that’s the kind of book you love to read! Those type of books make for the perfect beach and travel reading. However, I am personally so grateful I got around some market place giants within my church community that inspired me to dream (and read) about more.

What I’ve learned recently is that the key to leading is reading, and If I want to move forward in the direction of my goals, I’ve got to stay resourced with high quality content as opposed to staying on top of the latest celebrity news in my old tabloid subscriptions.

So if you’re in the market for some new summer reading material that is entertaining as well as enriching, grab a hold of these game-changers. (All books are linked below) I won’t turn this blog post into a full on book report but just to give a general idea, these books aren’t just for CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. They are perfect for anyone who is looking for practical tools on how to make your product, idea, goal, campaign, organization, or invention catch on and be successful.    Some of these tools have been vital to my ministry, my relationship and my business and I keep discovering new opportunities for application.

I mostly just felt obligated to tell you how much I love these books because we’re friends here and all three of these babies were passed on to me from friends and family as well.

Actually Im lying. Full disclosure; Im not just here trying to be a good citizen and pay it forward. What Im really after is some new book recommendations from you as well.  Comment below what your favorite books are this summer, I want to know what you’re reading now and what I should read next!

Xx, Sarina

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