Avoiding a Meltdown

September 7, 2017

Hi, Hello, OHMYGOSH its HOT. I live in San Diego and over here we pay top dollar sunshine taxes for 75 and sunny. Anything above or below 70 degrees Fahrenheit and we don’t know how to deal. Seriously, my place in La Jolla doesn’t even have A/C. How criminal is that??

*End cranky too hot to function rant*

Redirecting my anger… Here’s how I dress for fall and at the same time avoid melting into a puddle in 90 degree temps.

1. The “Duster”   Thank you cowboys and farmers of centuries past for bringing this article of clothing (originally meant to keep trail dust off your clothes while riding horses) into the fashion world.    Don’t know about keeping me dust free, but I do know it hides every type of back sweat. So yes, dusters- I salute you.

2. The “Body suit”    I love a body suit in a deep fall-ish color. Try olive greens, greys or deep reds. The color communicates fall but I am essentially still in a tank top and jeans so I stay comfy even when its scorching.


3. Lace- Is there a more breathable material?? Honestly. Layer it for a daytime edgy look or wear it alone for a romantic evening style.

And there you have it. Transitioning into fall with grace and style, and (minimal) meltdowns.

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