Going Long

September 13, 2017

I’m doing a little late night hair care regimen before having my house full of my favorite people this weekend to watch a football game. I’m so happy football season is finally here! I love grilling out with friends and family and cheering on my (hubby’s) team.

So now while the house is still tidy, quiet and calm- I’m sharing my winning strategies for making my hair grow longer and the game changers that keep it healthy and soft. Going Long

4 Game changers for longer + stronger hair 

1. Anti-breakage shampoo + conditioner.  Look for keratin, proteins and ceramides in your daily wash products to strengthen strands so they can continue to grow longer. And if you want to get serious, once weekly condition with a repairing mask.

2. Boar bristle brush.  Brushing with a boar bristle brush daily helps to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles which activates  growth. Click the image of the brush to check out this Mason Pearson dupe!

3. Beauty Supplements. Take Collagen, Vitamin E and Biotin in every and all forms. Nutrition plays a big part in your hair’s health so add powders to your smoothies, eat your gummies, whatever you need to do to get those 3 vitamins in your everyday routine, it will totally transform your hair.

4. Volumizing Spray Fake it until you make it. I love this Volume Rose spray from matrix but really any texturizing spray will help build body and give your hair that extra oomph while you’re patiently washing, brushing and nourishing your hair to greater lengths.

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