Uncle Coco’s Cider.

October 18, 2017

My Hubby Colin and I have a total of SIX nieces. And zero nephews. (no pressure for us to have a boy or anything) They are all ages 4 and under and love their Uncle “Coco” so much.    We both fell in love with this hard cider drink when they served it at a goregous fall wedding we attended together a few years back and now we make it every October.  It’s so simple (only two ingredients) and is super strong and packs a punch but you’d never know it because it tastes super sweet. It really is just like our Coco.

Coco's Cider Coco's Cider  Coco's Cider  

 Here’s what you’ll need:

– Hard Draft Cider (Trader Joes has a great selection)-Midnight Moon Moonshine in “Apple Pie”

– Apples and Cinnamon to Garnish

– Ice

Here’s what to do: 

– Slice apples and add to bottom of cocktail shaker + fill shaker with ice.

– Pour 6-8 oz of Hard Cider into shaker

– Add 2 ounces Apple Pie Moonshine Moonshine

– Pour into glass and garnish with fresh cinnamon   Coco's Cider

How cool is this gun shell bottle opener btw? It was a groomsmen gift and I linked the shop in the scroll bar below!


Send me photos of you favorite fall drinks!!


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