The best resolution you can make.

December 31, 2017

      Happy New Year people!!! With a grateful heart, let me first start by saying, if you’re reading this- I LOVE YOU so so so much and I thank God for you everyday!!     It’s officially been one year since we launched Sarina Reneé blog in January 2017 and for awhile there, I was pretty sure the only person who was reading my posts was me. proofreading. Over the past 12 months I have been blown away with the support, the feedback and the overwhelmingly positive responses I’ve gotten on pursuing this dream and making it a reality. I truly pour my heart into planning every shoot, the content of every post and the esthetics of each photograph I put out there so meeting and connecting with you all means the world to me. The relationships I get to form on this platform has truly blown me away. Additionally, the success of the business side of the blog in the last year has also exceeded my expectations and I just thank God that after 30 years, I’ve landed my dream job. Did you know this all started with a New Years resolution??  On the eve of 2017, the resolve to stop making excuses, push fears aside and launch my biz was truly the best one I’ve ever made. Sure, drinking more water, hitting the gym, reading those books that have been collecting dust and going on more date nights are really really good intentions to set for your new year.   But will any of those great ambitions absolutely change the trajectory of your life?  I thought, on the dawn of this new year, I could hopefully inspire readers to be better versions of themselves and give you all a glimpse at my goal list for 2018 (hint; that list above was it)


 I could inspire you to make one resolution that will change your life forever. Its this simple… its the question I asked myself 365 days ago that changed the game.. it’s as simple as this…What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail? And then, resolve to do it. Wild, right? To think that my bible says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me… and yet I still let the fear of failure hold me back. But so many of us do.  Now that I’ve started asking myself this question, I can’t stop. I think it will be on the top of my list every January from now on. I mean, why not?Why not keep pushing the envelope, why not keep taking new chances, why not keep risking it all? You’ve got one life to live.  Im dying to know what your answer to that question is. Comment below and let me know, let 2018 be your best year yet!!


Thank you so much for being a part of our 2017. 2018, we’re coming for ya! Love you all,Colin & Sarina.

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