Mommy Dearest. A Mother’s Day Gift Guide

May 9, 2018


Mommy dearest

We can all laugh about it now but I was AWFUL to my mother growing up. Like seriously, such a BRAT. Ever heard of that movie? “Mommie Dearest”  haha I was so rotten that even though I was too young to fully understand the implications, I’d quote that movie and call my sweet mama, Mommie dearest, whenever she was discipling me just to watch her hair curl. Total Brat move, right?!

Its a total surprise to me that she didn’t ship me off to boarding school in a foreign country in my teenage years. Someday I’ll let her hop on here and share some painfully true stories with y’all that will have you busting at the seams. All that to say, I owe my Mama a lot! Haha she is the best mom in the world!! and I can’t wait to celebrate her this Mothers day! She deserves the world!

Hope this gift guide helps you quickly shop for the special woman in your life so you have more time to laugh till you cry over all the good (and super cringey) memories with your mommy dearest.

Xo, Sarina


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