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June 7, 2018

I don’t exactly have a green thumb. In fact, I mostly kill every plant that’s in my house. (which is how I became so partial to succulents and cacti- they are nearly indestructible)

Nevertheless I somehow manage to get fresh flowers to last weeks at a time. Sometimes I even surprise myself with how long I can keep them looking like I just picked them fresh from my garden. Over the years of bringing home bouquets from grocery stores, farmers markets and boyfriends (Sorry babe!) I picked up a few tricks on how to keep my flowers looking fresher- longer.


Here’s my 5 secrets to long lasting June blooms:


1. Trim the stems.

   If you trim them at an angle it creates a larger surface area for water absortion. The more water they drink, the fuller and more colorful they are.


2. Change the water daily.

Yup, daily. I wash my dog’s bowl out every day and it reminds me its time to wash out my vases too.  I once read that washing away the dead microorganisms in the vase help the flowers from spoiling too soon. Also, I always refill with ICE. COLD. WATER. Just think how the florists always keep flowers in coolers. Pretty sure its like cryotherapy for them or something!? haha all I know is it works!


3. Use the flower food packets!

Almost every bouquet you buy, even simple ones from grocery stores come with the flower food packets wrapped up around the stems. That flower food makes a HUGE difference. Because I change the water daily I will often add an additional packet of flower food to my vase. Its the difference between flowers lasting a few days to over a week. You can buy a box of this flower food on Amazon here so you have extras to keep around for in between water changes.


4. Get the leaves out.

Leaves sitting in the vase, either attached to the stems or ones that have fallen off will rot the water. The rotten water will be absorbed into the flower and the flower will start to shrivel and wilt in no time. Moral of the story-  If you see any leaves or even petals gone rogue sitting in your vase, scoop em out.


5. Break out the Booze. 

A tablespoon of vodka added to the water kills any bacteria that is harmful to the flowers and purifies the water so the blooms don’t discolor. Distilled white vinegar does the same thing but whats the fun in that? Add some Tito’s to your vases and your martini glass and everyone wins!!


Hope this helps brighten your home with fresh flowers for days!! Tag me in all your floral pics!


Sarina Renee

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