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June 20, 2018

I learned a thing or two on my trip to Australia this past spring. I had never been on a flight that long up until then and I wanted to be prepared for anything. (Hi, Hello, Type-A planner, nice to meet you)

I quickly learned on that 13-hour flight what worked and what I wish I would have packed and took down some notes for future trips.

Here’s my list of packing essentials just in time for all your summer trips.

The Five things I won’t fly without…


1. Sheet Masks & eye patches–  No new news here- the cabin air on planes is so drying. I keep sheet masks and hydrating eye patches in my carry-on on bag for easy access during a long flight. If people look at you weird offer them one! Their skin is dry too!

2. Melatonin– Not to brag but I can pretty much sleep anywhere, in any position. I actually find it super relaxing to be on a plane, I force myself not to buy the airline wifi and just disconnect. I find it incredibly enjoyable and therapeutic. I am however, a very light sleeper. Every time the amazing, wonderful, hard-working flight attendants come by it FREAKING wakes me up.         The organic chewable melatonin from Trader Joes helps me STAY asleep and its mint flavored is the perfect after dinner treat.

3. Portable charger– This was definitely the one thing I wish more than anything I had packed on my last trip. From the moment we landed in Sydney we were on the go. I wanted photos of everything I was seeing and doing (and eating) and my phone was constantly dead. I am convinced this is the most perfect portable charger in the world.. the wall jack is a techy’s dream. Its under $15 and you can shop it here. What were we even doing with our lives before portable chargers and amazon prime?!??

4. Shea Butter– I love an all organic jumbo stick of roll on shea butter. Its just so universal. You can use it on your cuticles, your lips, even roll it around your eyes as eye cream. One beauty product, multiple uses. Sold.

5. Deodorant Wipes– I basically take a small bird bath in that tiny sink in an airplane bathroom. For long flights especially I try to stick to my normal morning and evening skincare routines as much as possible. I know that might seem so extra but it really helps me feel refreshed and on my normal schedule. The Pacifica wipes hydrate as they deodorize, and you can use everywhere for an all over fresh feeling. ahhhh.

  What trips are you planning this summer? Let me know in the comments below and tag me in all your dreamy travel photos!!

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