Four steps to a Flawless Faux Tan

May 31, 2019

K, So I first heard about this self tanner when I was in Australia last spring. I saw it being advertised all over Sydney and decided to give it a try. This Self-tanner is my all time fav for a few reasons:

Deep Olive tone. Like you’ve been sunning for hours on the Gold Coast of Australia. Olive undertones means no orange or reddish oompa loopa vibes. Bc who wants to look like they rolled in a bag of Doritos? yeah, no thanks.

Streak-free and odorless. There is an instant color guide in the tanning mousse so you can actually see if you have forgotten any spots. Genuis. And you wont smell like burnt hair while its processing. So you can apply before heading out the door to work or even sleep in it the night before a special event. Won’t stain your sheets either, PTL!

Great price point. So much more affordable than the self tanner I was using previously from Nordstrom. Even including shipping and handling! Loving tan is also made from all organic ingredients and has skin boosting anti-oxidants as well. So not only are you easier on the eyes in those cute new cut off shorts, you’re also giving your skin an anti-aging edge, which we love!

Im clearly obsessed with this stuff! You’ve gotta let me know if you give it a try. No matter what self-tanner you choose there are a few tips you should know to achieve a Flawless Faux Tan.

Step 1: Exfoliate

  Use your favorite body scrub and give yourself a good buffering. Focus on your elbows, knees, and heels. Dry brushing helps too and don’t forget to shave. The smoother the skin, the more even your tan will be and it will last so much longer now that all that dead/dry skin has been polished away.


Step 2: Use a Mitt

 If you aren’t using a mitt to apply your self-tanner you are doing it wrong!! If there’s one step you cannot skip its this one. For one, your tan will be a streaky mess. I’m talking blotchy, patchy and weird. Even worse than that, you’ll have orange palms for days on end. Its kinda like using your fingers to apply your foundation versus using a beauty sponge. The mitt perfectly blends the product into the skin, trust me on this one. You’ll thank me later.


Step three: Let it fully develop

 As soon as you hop in the shower, the product will stop developing. Have some patience and let it develop for a few hours. I leave mine on overnight and even through my morning workout. Loving tan does make a 2-hour tan formula if you need to get bronzed in a pinch but I prefer a low and slow method to my tan. I feel like I get a darker and longer-lasting tan this way.


Step Four: Keep hydrated

Don’t be afraid to use your favorite body lotion daily and frequently after your tan has processed. The more hydrated your skin is the longer it will last so lather up!

Let me know if you try these tips and how many people ask you if you just came back from a vacation in the Caribbean, k?



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  1. Buddy Barnt says:

    Great post. I will be going through a few of these issues as well..

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