Best of Beauty 2019

January 7, 2020

Sarina Renee

This is one of my favorite post to write each January. I absolutely love looking back on the year and reviewing the beauty trends from the previous 365 days that have serious staying power.

What I loved most of 2019 is the emergence of cleansing oils and balms. Its like the cold cream revolution and I am here for it. Also, can’t forget the newly popular and super accessible microneedle. I’m obsessed!

Not really new (tv & film makeup artists have been using this for decades) but new to me this year was the use of color correctors. I love using a peachy tone under my eyes to brighten and I am quite certain I will never go into another new year without it.

Thanks to latest and greatest, brows got bushier, hair got washed considerably less, and lymphatic drainage became the hottest self care on the scene this year. If you’ve been keeping up with the trends, you probably now own a jade roller that you keep in your refrigerator, and you add a powdered collagen substance to your smoothies.

Did you try a natural deodorant this year? Or become suddenly super aware of the peach fuzz you had ALL over your face thanks to Tinkle razors?? (lol)

I think that’s what I love so much about all of this! Having a conversation about beauty fads- (the good, the bad, the regrettable) tends to have a funny way of uniting us all. After all, aren’t we all just out here trying to be the best versions of ourselves?

So I am dying to know what products helped you along the way in 2019. But give me the short list of Holy Grail products that you can’t live without in 2020. Below is the list of all of mine! Some are new to me in 2019 and some are my go-to, tried and true. I’ve broken them down by Hair, Skincare and Makeup so they are super easy to shop in case you haven’t tried some of them yet.

and before I go… Happy New Year friend!! The most beautiful days are ahead for us all in 2020.





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