Inside my Hospital Bag

March 21, 2020

Okay so I’ve given birth. Crazy right? Like sure, It happens everyday, but whoa, I really pushed a baby out.

Naturally I unpacked my bags the second I got home from the hospital like a such a freak. Anyone else do this when they get back from a trip? Like lets get the laundry going and the luggage put away so we can fully relax, ya know?

Anyway, I unpacked fully and went on with my life as a new mom and totally forgot to share the contents of my bag with you guys. I was waiting until after birth so I can really give you guys the full low down on what I used and what was useless.

Thankfully I found my packing list in the notes app on my phone the other day and it was so detailed I was able to pack my bag all over again to film for you 🙂

For a full play-by-play, check out the IGTV video here.

I had fun looking back and reflecting on this LIFE-CHANGING day. To be honest, hadn’t given it a second thought until now. Feels like forever ago I was checking into the hospital, telling all the docs that I wasn’t staying, just here for testing- lololol.

Birth story to follow… its a good one.

For now, here’s my packing list. Bookmark this if you’re an expecting mama and comment below if there’s something I need to add to my next bag.. bc I seriously want to get pregnant again like STAT 🙂 @Colin


Packing List

For Sleeping:

+ Pillows

+ Blankets

+Sleep mask

+ Lavender room spray

+ Essential oil diffuser/ bluetooth speaker

For Mama:

+Warm Slippers 

+Cozy socks

+Nursing gown & Robe

+Labor and Delivery Gown


+Hair ties


+Shower sandals

+Mama Frida Peri Bottle

+ Going home sweatsuit 

+Hard Candy, Fav Bone broth, Liquid IV

For Dad:

+Cozy Joggers



+Extra long charging cables

+portable phone chargers

+Airpods & Audiobooks

For Baby:

+Going home outfit

+Beanie & Swaddle set for first photos

+Boppy breastfeeding pillow.



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