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April 21, 2020

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Whats Mother’s day without a birth story?!!

Be forewarned, I have never actually read another “birth story” so I am not entirely sure how this whole thing goes.

I want to keep things short and to the point because, well, I have a baby to take care of now. lol

But also, I want to keep things brief because this was one of the most special, most significant, most intimate moments of my life to date.

Full disclosure- I was kicking nurses out of my room left and right. If they didn’t serve a purpose, I questioned why they were there.

Sound crazy? Maybe. But what I’ve found is that some things in life are okay to keep sacred.

I live my life in a glass house, for the world to see. (Almost 900k of you watched me tearfully tell Colin I was pregnant in our kitchen) But there are a few rare occasions that I’ve chosen to draw the curtains on and share just between loved ones. This was one of those days.

I also would like to say that this is simply my experience! My thoughts and opinions on this topic that I am about to share are in no way meant to minimize anyones pain or choices around giving birth. This is just what I experienced to be true for me, Sarina Renee.

Regardless of how you become a mother, I honor you today!

Sofia’s entrance into the world was magnificent. Simply put. It changed our lives forever, and I wouldn’t change a THING about it. It was perfect. Even the moments my OBGYN was telling me news I was surprised to hear.. still…wouldn’t change a thing.

My baby girl is here, and really, isn’t that all that matters? Its okay if your experience isn’t anything like what I am about to share. It likely won’t be.

I am writing this because I wish I had known what I know now.

So if you are a first time mom, not sure of what to expect, maybe slightly nervous of how it will all go down (I totally was) this is for you!

I hope you find yourself encouraged, reassured and more confident after reading this.

Birth is a miraculous experience! Your body is capable of incredible things! You can do this! More importantly, you can *enjoy* this!!


October 23, 2019

I was 5 days past my due date and I walked (three blocks) to work this morning. I felt great. Normal even. I had been 1 centimeter dilated and 30% effaced for days now and I was hoping walking would get my labor progressing.

I went into my doctors office around lunch time for routine monitoring (stress test) and we found that baby’s heart rate was decelerating. He ordered me to be induced right away.

I agreed to go to the hospital for further monitoring of the baby’s heart rate but I DID NOT want to be induced. I know that sounds crazy that I didn’t just take my doctors advice but I had heard such horror stories about inductions that I insisted I be allowed to wait to go into labor on my own.

But baby’s heart rate continued to slow.

I was checked into labor and delivery. Freaking the hell out. lol

Everyone was urging me to listen to my doctors advice and begin the induction process.

I refused.

I was honestly so afraid from all that I had heard about inductions and Pitocin that I feared it would be “torture” and not the experience I had hoped and prayed for.

I was SO emotional. I obviously wanted to do what was best for the health and safety of my baby but I couldn’t wrap my mind around being induced. I had the most flawless, enjoyable, healthy pregnancy and this was how it was ending? I was so upset, so disappointed and so afraid of what would come next.

Through tears I asked one of the nurses to check me (cervical check) and see if my labor had progressed at all. My doctor had not checked me earlier that day at his office. He had only monitored the heart rate of the baby.


I had progressed. I was almost 2 centimeters dialted and my cervix was now 80% effaced. My contractions (that I wasn’t feeling at all) were now 6-7 mins apart. Prayers answered!

I was assured I would only need a little bit of the induction medication to speed things along. I finally agreed to receiving the cervical ripening agent and settled into my hospital room.

We unpacked our bags and I was tense AF. lol I assumed at any moment the tortuous pain I had heard associated with inductions would begin. I tried to rest to save my energy for what I thought would be utter agony.

The rumored torture and assumed agony never came.

That night was actually uneventful. I requested that my nurse let us sleep as much as possible. She came in every few hours to check my progress but I pretty much stayed asleep during these exams.


  1. REST. BOTH of you, as much as possible before baby comes. Like, be savage about it if you have to. Make it super clear to everyone around you that you are going to bed and you wish to not be disturbed. Sleep is crucial! for you and baby daddy!
  2. DON’T ASK about where you’re at every time the nurse checks you. (Cervical exams) When you’re in labor and experiencing painful contractions for a period of time, there is nothing more upsetting than hearing you haven’t progressed much or have only progressed very little. It doesn’t actually matter if you’re at a “2” or at a “6.” All that matters is are you ready to push or not. Relaxing is what actually helps your body progress.

My nurse respected these wishes and wouldn’t turn on excessive lights or attempt to talk to me while she worked through the night, checking in on me and administering Pitocin.

A few super painful contractions woke me and I requested my epidural.

I got an epidural less than 15 mins later and I was instantly relieved of any and all pain.

I blissfully, and now very comfortably went back to sleep and only woke back up when my nurse checked me and informed me it was about time to push.

October 24, 2019

I was given the option of a mid-wife or an OBGYN to deliver my baby and I chose the hospital’s mid-wife. I’m convinced Heidi the mid-wife is actually an angel, sent to me from heaven.

I told her I wanted to do “controlled pushing” to avoid any unnecessary tearing. She happily coached me, watching my contractions on the monitors, instructing me when to push and when to stop. Pushing only at the top of the contractions for maximum impact. She massaged my perineum with oil the entire time so it stretched rather than teared as Sofia graciously moved down the birth canal. I had no perineal tearing. Thank you Jesus!! Thank you Heidi!!

I was singing, joking and laughing while pushing. I could still feel loads of pressure and I definitely felt “the ring of fire” but it never, at any point, felt unbearable.

Epidurals are seriously so amazing!!

The moment she came out, and what I mean by that is, the millisecond the baby comes out, all the pain goes away. Like a faucet that just shuts off. Its incredible.

The epidural wears off super fast too (not as incredible lol wish it could last forever.)

I was up and walking around my postpartum room about 3 hours after giving birth.

I was showering the next morning and I walked the postpartum floor while Colin and Sofia slept the following afternoon.

Everything I had previously thought about Pitocin, inductions, and Epidurals was so untrue for me.

I heard inductions were horrific, Pitocin was “the torture drug” and if I got an epidural I’d be groggy and chained to my bed for hours on end.

Fake News.

Not only did I experience the exact opposite to be true, but I would actually choose to be induced again. I enjoyed it that much.

Could I have given birth without the induction medications, the epidural or the help of the hospital staff? Probably. But would I have personally enjoyed it as much I did? Doubt it.

Sofia came into this world to a very calm and happy, relaxed mama. Her Dad and I were well rested and full of energy and excitement when we met her. NICU was on standby because of her heart rate which I found an additional boost of confidence in. Her heart rate stabilized and returned to normal the moment she came out. Thank you Jesus.

 She was perfect.

I am so grateful for my OBGYN, my Mid-wife, Pitocin, EPIDURALS, my husband, and my precious baby girl. And more than anything I am so grateful to know what I know now.

I hope this helps someone!

No matter how you give birth, you are GIVING BIRTH.

Wow. How miraculous is that.



Stress test 10.23.19 at my OBGYN’s office.


Pushing! lol

She’s here.

Thank you Jesus.


The following day- Pure bliss.

Packed up and ready to go home!

*disclaimer, I am not a medical professional and this is in no way medical advice. Please discuss what is best for you and your baby with your OBGYN.

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